Sunday 1 April 2007

Insider Trading and Securities Regulation in Canada

The posts by Larry MacDonald on a number of studies which found highly suspicious statistical evidence that insider trading is rampant in Canada are sickening (the insider trading, not the posts!) to say the least. A big thank you to Larry for bringing this up. A few years ago I sent a complaint to the Ontario Securities Commission about what seemed to me to be very suspicious price changes shortly before surprising and important news on a small company called CSI Wireless. I only ever got an acknowledgement back, months later, from the OSC that they would "look into it" and never saw or heard anything more. Maybe there was or there was not information leakage and insider trading but without confidence in the fairness of trading in that stock, it's one reason I eventually sold out and will not consider buying again.

The lack of control over insider trading is another confirmation that a properly funded national securities regulator is badly needed in Canada; I'm with Canadian Money Blogs Reviewer on this one.

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