Sunday, 3 June 2007

Tech Stock Accounting Foresight in Hindsight

Those interested in tech stock investing, or indeed in buying shares of any individual company, should run through this column on devious tech accounting methods, written at the beginning of the tech bubble in 1999 by tech commentator/blogger Robert X. Cringely. It foresaw and forecast the coming accounting fiascoes with tech and Internet companies such as the one where I worked for a while, Canada's darling Nortel (mea culpa, I drank John Roth's cool-aid too). It reminds me of something I read years ago to the effect that the real financial analysts read annual reports backwards - starting with the footnotes at the end, where the financial dirt is hidden.

Cringely is always a good read for anyone who likes technology. That he has been around for ten years on the Internet as a columnist is an impressive achievement,, which I can better admire having blogged for several months now. The quality and value of his writing is consistently high. I take him as a role model to emulate in that way - to write original, well-researched, topical and forward-looking material.

Anyone have a financial columnist/blogger to suggest as their hero?

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