Thursday, 7 June 2007

Retirement and Rewards thereof

Just a quick post today since I'm off shortly to enjoy one of those benefits of retirement. It's a lovely day out here in Scotland and those are not to be missed (at some points during the past winter, one had the impression that it was time to start building an ark, though my scottish friends assure me it wasn't normal weather) so I'm going golfing this afternoon, a last minute decision that comes with the freedom of time allocation to do things when one wants.

I want to welcome a former work colleague to the fold of retirement. Well done and congratulations, B! Enjoy. Life is not worry-free, though it pretty well will be on the financial side with the inflation-indexed pension for life. We can all appreciate things more having experienced and observed the downsides of life, as we have with another work colleague who had an accident recently. Get well soon, H!

Carpe diem!!

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