Friday 20 April 2007

Review: #3 WebTax4U Web Tax Software

Here is a review of the third-ranked WebTax4U web-base tax preparation software package for Canadian taxes. I gave it a score of 8.0 out of 10.

I've included a screenshot of this program too.

What I Liked About WebTax4U
  • it has a clean, uncluttered, well-organized interface with tabs and links that take one directly to all forms and parts of the program; the colours are pleasing and easy on the eyes
  • data entry boxes are grouped within the top screen area; I found this program required the least amount of scrolling down
  • Help is reasonable though not nearly as extensive as UFile's; links go to CRA pages
  • it clearly explained that the $25 student residence Ontario tax credit was only applicable if the school is in Ontario, not the student's home
  • price is reasonable at $11.99 for one return and $5.99 for extras; free filing for returns with under $25k of income
What I Disliked
  • upon entering one T3 slip, it did not offer the opportunity to add another; it was necessary to return to the main menu
  • for the tuition amount to transfer, it does not calculate on the spot/screen the maximum amount that can be transferred; instead it says this will be calculated automatically and shows only on the final pdf
  • some superficial quality control problems like spelling mistakes e.g. on T3 screen "Instituttion" or on ON479 "Residense"
  • speed of screen refresh is slow enough that it is starting to be noticeable


Keith Dewar said...

I have used this software for 2 years and there has always been a few problems but this year I had 5 errors in 3 returns when using the software. I only got them to correct 1 of the 5 errors prior to filing. I found that they would not respond well to my questions nor could I get them to correct some obvious errors. I am trying to lodge a complaint with CRA as well.

Unknown said...

You guys should try AceTax. I used it this year for 2010 and loved it. It is is really fast and easy to do my taxes with AceTax. It only cost me 8.99 and I get a discount next year and pay only 6.99 as a returning customer.

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