Friday, 20 April 2007

Review: #4 QuickTaxWeb Web Tax Software

Here is my review of the QuickTaxWeb package that I ranked fourth amongst the Canadian web-based tax preparation packages with a score of 7.5 out of 10.

Have a look at the inserted screen image for QuickTaxWeb.

What I Liked About QuickTaxWeb
  • the screen is very clean and attractive; it's easy to navigate, the tab and other links are clear and the whole screen is uncluttered
  • the program is very polished and complete, with details such as separate forms for the T2202A Tuition and Education Amounts - no spelling mistakes on this package
  • complete and well presented context-sensitive help throughout
What I Disliked
  • SLOW!! the screens seem to refresh at a crawl; this is a major annoyance and a real customer experience quality issue in my view
  • no on-site convenient password recovery mechanism; I forgot my password after over a month of non-use; the only way I managed to sign in again was to phone the customer support line, which did give me the info right away but why can Intuit not create a serve yourself procedure?
  • pricing is outrageous at $24.99 and no free returns at all. Actually, there was a free return policy till early April for income under $20k but that has been suspended ... could that have anything to do with trying to alleviate the horrible response time?


Anonymous said...

QuickTax still proves to be a very popular tax return alternative. I am also disappointed that there are no free returns for income under $20,000. This will impact many families particularly those with 2 or more children of working age.

Anonymous said...

Can I post my website? I have a number of tax articles.

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