Tuesday, 25 February 2014

UFile Tax Software Giveaway!

It's tax season and those receipts should be flowing into your inbox or mailbox. Here's an opportunity for blog readers to ease some of the hassle of doing taxes by taking advantage of a giveaway from one of the leading tax software providers. The software will let you prepare and file online electronically on Canada Revenue Agency's NETFILE tax submission service

Thanks to UFile, I am giving away five codes for the online web version of their personal tax preparation software for Canadians. That's a value of $15.95.

Here are the details of the giveaway:
  • To enter, submit a comment on this post below - Though you don't have to, I'd be interested in your comments on tax prep software since I am again working on my annual review of all the CRA NETFILE certified packages; use a unique name (Anonymous won't suffice!) so I can distinguish people
  • One entry per person please
  • Entries close Tuesday, March 4th midnight EST
  • I'll do a random draw of five (5) names from amongst the entries after the deadline
  • Winners will be announced on the blog and asked to contact me via email with their own email address so I can reply with the code to enter in the UFile tax software (your email will not be used for any purpose other than to contact you as a winner)
Good luck! 


canoetoo said...

I've been using Studio Tax for several years now. It's free and does the job but it doesn't hold your hand. Last year, I had some rental income and had to do a bit of digging to find the form I needed to report that income.

Harold R.

erloo said...

I got hooked on Ufile just because they offered free use of their software when I was a student. Great way to promo and tag long-term users.

Skip said...

Hi. I've used Cutetax for years and have been happy. On the interface side, not as fancy as some of the other packages but for me, it's a plus and IMO, easier to follow. Also, I've found the results to be as good or better than some of the other software packages. Happy tax time!


Niels R said...

I have yet to try electronic tax filing because I receive a UN pension and have been told that no e-filing software can handle that - but I would love to try and hopefully find a software package that would work.

Niels R

Crescent said...

I used StudioTax last year,just because it was available, by donation, family of 3, and found it did the job, but painfully complicated to use, so not so user friendly, but glad I used an electronic format which made optimization easier. While here, CRA needs to to a better job of qualifying these efilers' SW! So we could better choose the right SW package, and to foster improvements. And the use of the SW should be free!!!! - CRA is saving money by us efiling, and as taxpayer this should be returned to us in efiling services! Suggest you write/email your MP.

CanadianInvestor said...

Niels, you are probably correct. Lucky you, it seems some of your income may be partially exempt from Canadian tax, but subject to US tax rules. see http://www.garygauvin.com/WebDocs/TAXATION%20GUIDE%202009_WebEdition.pdf
If that is so, you probably need a tax-specialized accountant more than UFile.

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