Friday, 23 October 2009

Friday Fun: How Much do Pro Golfers Make?

Ever notice how the sports reporting on the winners of golf tournaments says little or nothing about how much money pro golfers make? In these hard economic times it isn't wise to rub it in how much these guys and gals make.

Canadian Business / MoneySense in Golf Earnings 2009 has dug up the data and done a bit of calculation to make us envious. Isn't it a hoot to know that Tiger earned $4191 for each stroke he played?!! It really puts in perspective the three hacks it took me to get out of a sand trap in a recent round. I calculate my $$$ per round not in revenue but in cost - green fee and lost balls.

Worse, as much as these guys make on the course, it is the off-course endorsements and related business (like course design) that their competitive success makes possible which really brings in the dough. It is astounding that Woods in his career could make $1 billion from golfing.


Unknown said...

I don't begrudge the golfers their salaries (good for them) because golf is financially self sustaining. What infuriates me is the high salaries paid in other sports which are only possible because my taxes pay for the stadiums.

CanadianInvestor said...

Good point. We all pay in the end for all sports ... in the case of the pro golf through buying the products like Nike, Titleist etc that support the golfers but it is more voluntary than the taxes we are obliged to pay. Ever seen figures on which pro sport is the worst offender for relying on public taxes?

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