Thursday, 15 November 2007

Job Loss Survey, Emergency Fund and Bounce Book

Thanks to all who ticked a response to my latest mini survey about how many times you have been laid off during your working career. Though the survey is unscientific and comprises a very small sample, the fact that about half of you have been laid off at least once confirms to me that planning and for and making provision for a job loss is important for most people, as I had concluded in my previous post on Emergency Funds: Job Loss.

In a few weeks, I'll be reviewing the newly published book Learn to Bounce, which is about the experiences of a whole raft of people caught in the technology meltdown of 2000, how they turned a negative into a positive in their life. Written by Lee Wallace and friend and former colleague Anita Caputo, the very concept of the book - to show with real examples that a job loss disaster is not necessarily the end of the road - appeals to my philosophy: never give up and never be a victim.

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