Wednesday, 7 November 2007

An Intriguing Free Book to Download plus a UK Mortgage Primer

Check out the Mortgages Exposed web page for access to a free download of the book In My Opinion by Michael Kelly, a successful retired entrepreneur. I've just skimmed through a few pages so don't have a firm opinion of it, but first impression is good: it looks quite readable and hey, it's free and it's the complete 110 page tome, not just excerpts. The style looks breezy and light-hearted, advice on what the grandfather has learned and wants to pass on to his grandchildren. The topics he covers includes some financial and budgeting advice, along with relationship advice (from a guy, no less!), education, children, running a business, being an entrepreneur, gambling and even death.

Here's a sample quote I can relate to: "You need not give self-created wealth away. Spend it first. But if you must give it away, do it when you are still alive and can directly observe and enjoy the happiness it might hopefully bring."

Another part of the website has an excellent series on mortgages as done in the UK, actually another short book that can be downloaded with working spreadsheets. The explanation starts from scratch, assuming little or no investment knowledge, and works through the various types of mortgages and related topics - fixed rate, variable rate, interest only, lifetime/revers/shared appreciation, buy-to-let, gearing, buy or rent - in short all the common situations with tips and tools for comparing and deciding between alternatives. There are a series of downloadable spreadsheets to work your own calculations, perfect for DIY types. There is a little bit of theory and lots of practical guidance. The perspective of someone who spent 30 years in the business shows through, who made his money, retired and is now giving back his knowledge to anyone who wants it. Overall, a gem of a resource.

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