Sunday, 28 August 2011

Weekend Reading: ETF Danger, Visa a Scam?, Ireland's Woes Explained, Dividends = Low Risk/High Return, Debt Song

Articles of interest, to me at least, and perhaps to you:
  • "... if you are considering an investment in a mutual fund or ETF, you should understand that you will have little recourse if information provided in the prospectus turns out to be misleading or incomplete, even outright fraudulent" from A license to lie, backdated in commenting on the implications of a recent US Supreme Court Case. i.e. we should be very wary of new ETFs; the more complex they are, the more likely something dangerous is being done to investors; with the court case it will be more tempting too for the unethical operators.
  • Michael Lewis' non-technical article in Vanity Fair explaining how things went pear-shaped in economic revival poster-child Ireland When Irish Eyes are Crying
  • The Onion's satiric piece Visa Exposed as Massive Credit Card Scam ... isn't the best satire that with a good dose of truth? Found this link on The Browser, which has multiple links to a variety of good stuff
  • Traditionalist (value investing, Graham philosophy) practically-oriented investment advisor firm Tweedy Browne Company LLC reviews research that reveals "... the importance of dividends, and the association of high dividend yields with attractive investment returns over long measurement periods"
  • Who knew the debt crisis could be turned into song?! Have a listen to Split-Rated at Versus by Marcy Shaffer
Finally, nothing to do with investing, but if you have Scottish blood or know anyone with a Scottish heritage, you might be amused by this YouTube video Voice Operated Lift.

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