Tuesday 11 January 2011

Worth Reading: Gail Bebee's New Year "Resolutions"

Personal finance author and speaker Gail Bebee reverses psychology and provides a tongue in cheek wish list of ten changes the financial industry could make to help Canadian individual investors in 2011 over on Morningstar.ca. Hear, hear Gail, great list. I'd like to add a couple to make an even dozen - the 12 by 2012 list:
  • "Federal Minister of Finance Flaherty along with Alberta and Quebec agree to do the right thing to ensure a solid pension for future Canadian retirees by raising CPP contribution rates and earnings deduction limits."
  • "Discount brokerages at the major banks will finally all enable registered accounts to hold US dollar cash in the same easy way that non-registered accounts do as a matter of course so that trading in and out of US securities does not incur un-necessary currency conversion costs."
Of course, if all this got done, what would we bloggers have to write about? What are the chances of even one out of twelve happening?

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