Wednesday 3 March 2010

Wordle - Fun with words

The most interesting discovery reading the National Post's news article on the Throne Speech was the image of the speech content as a word picture, as created using Wordle. Contrary to the popular saying, in the case of the Throne Speech, one picture is worth 6000 words.

Wordle is fun, as you can enter any website address - a good way to see what a blogger is currently talking about - or any piece of text, or the sum total of the links one has tagged in One can play around with fonts, colours, orientation and create some striking and beautiful word images.

One format that I quite like is the following screen capture of my blog. The colour scheme (yramirP) produces a neat three-dimensional effect when I stare at it on the screen for a few seconds. Of course, that may also be due to the fact that I've been looking at the computer screen all day.


Charles said...

Regarding the 3-D effect: If you wear glasses (especially if they're a strong prescription), try turning your head in one direction and looking at your screen through the extreme edge of the lenses. Most glasses have a certain amount of chromatic aberration which can cause a "prism" effect near the edges - light of one colour will shift more than light of another. The effect of seeing this through two lenses at different angles can produce a mock 3-D effect where the red, green and blue words appear to have different depths.

CanadianInvestor said...

thanks for the explanation. it's wonderful to know that at last wearers of glasses have at least one advantage over people with perfect eyesight.

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