Saturday, 11 October 2008

Investing Cynically - Alternative Energy as the Next Bubble?

Is it possible? Eric Janszen in a February 2008 Harper's magazine article The Next Bubble: Priming the Markets for Tomorrow's Big Crash, puts forward the idea that Alternative Energy will be the next big bubble since the world's current financial crisis requires a new bubble to bail us out of the now deflating real estate bubble.

Do we hop on the bubble early to make a bundle? And can such a system continue as each successive bubble gets larger?

It is troubling to read this: "Given the current state of our economy, the only thing worse than a new bubble would be its absence." Something is indeed rotten in the state of Denmark. ... Come to think of it, the analogy with the plot of Macbeth, in which ever-more despicable murders become necessary to cover up the effects of the first murder, seems apt. Dare we hope for a similar eventual outcome?

PS: thanks to The Bolt where I found this article linked.

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