Sunday, 13 July 2008

Want to Know Who I Am?

The secret, if ever it was one, is out. In today's (Saturday, July 12th) Globe and Mail on page B14 of the Report on Business, Tony Martin published the interview he did with me about my investment approach in his Me and My Money column. The article is a good summary of my strategy but I'm not quite 56!

Tony invites people to contact him to be profiled (see his email at the bottom of the article) so I look forward to reading about other bloggers.


Anonymous said...

Are you any relation to Gilles Lespérance? Just wondering.

Like reading your blog, though having been burned often enough, I'm now a pretty timid investor...

- ian in hamburg

CanadianInvestor said...

Ian, Have no relation to Gilles. We don't have any Gilles in the family.

As the old saying goes, once burned twice shy.

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