Thursday, 17 April 2008

Moving Money Around the World: FX Dealers Links

In this final (for now) post on my investigations into moving money from country to country, I've listed below the 14 FX dealers I came across recently on the Internet. There is quite a good selection of FX dealers available to meet a variety of needs. Though they all appear to be legitimate and viable businesses, i.e. not scam, dodgy or incompetent operations, before committing large amounts of your own cash, I would highly recommend that you check them out yourself. You certainly need to winnow down the list to a few that could effectively meet your particular requirements.

I should note that there were a couple of FX websites - not in the list below - that look dodgy to me as they seem to be agents only who promise to find you an FX dealer, a service that is less than necessary and probably costs a significant chunk of your money.

I've already registered with CustomHouse, Canadian/Oz Forex and MoneyCorp and will likely sign up with HiFX since it doesn't cost anything initially or on-going, even if one doesn't trade at all. By having several accounts with different dealers, it is possible to compare rates and services, perhaps using different ones at different times for different needs.
  • CustomHouse - Canada, online focus, 15 currencies, EFT in Canada & USA, takes cheques, sends Wire or Draft, good FAQ on website, email scanned docs ok for ID
  • - Canada, different website and company but uses CustomHouse as FX back end with same rates
  • OzForex - Australia, others sites are trade names on same back end - Canadian Forex, UKForex, NZForex, online & tel trading, 24x7 M-F, 14 currencies, in by EFT (Australia, Canada & US), BACS, CHAPS (UK) and Wire, delivery by Wire, email scanned docs plus compliance phone call for ID, max 1 year forward, min $2000 transfer; owns Tranzfers for smaller amounts; client funds segregated; supplies "near real time rates" on home page and has tiles to add to your own website to track live rates
  • HiFX - USA, tel trading only, "major currency pairs", segregates client funds, very friendly, max 2 year forward rates, min $5000 single transfer, reimburses bank receiving charges, recurring payments, accepts Wire, CHAPS, BACS, Cheques (< $50k)
  • TorFX - UK, offices Australia, Spain, tel trading, focus on buying property, emigrating, allied with tax accountants and estate agents
  • MoneyCorp - UK, offices in USA, Europe, Australia, tel trading only, £10billion turnover, part owned by Royal Bank of Scotland, segregates client funds, reimburses bank receiving charges, 85 currencies, max 2 year forward, ID verification electronic, min single trade £5000, accepts Wire (Canada, US), BACS/CHAPS, Cheques, Credit Card, hours 7:30-22:30 M-F, 10:00-16:00 Sat
  • HaloFinancial - UK, founded 2003, "many currencies" including KRW, segregates client funds, accepts Wire, BACS/CHAPS, Cheque (£ only), hours 08:00-20:00 M-F, max 18 months forward
  • WorldFirst - UK, £2 billion turnover, 24 major plus other European, Middle East, Far East currencies, min $1800/£1000 single transfer, max 1 year forward
  • CurrenciesDirect - UK, offices Australia, Spain, Dubai, £1.3Billion turnover, max 2 year forward
  • CurrencySolutions - UK, office Cyprus, tel trading only, min £3000 single transfer, max 2 year forward
  • InterchangeFX - UK, min £1000 single transfer, tel trading, max 1 year forward, accepts Wire, BACS/CHAPS
  • AFEX - USA, accepts Cheques, delivery by Wire, Draft, tel trading, max 1 year forward, min £10000 single transfer
  • FirstRateFX - UK, tel trading only, max 2 years forward rate, focus on property market in Dubai, France
  • ForeignCurrencyDirect - UK, accepts BACS/CHAPS, Cheques (£ only)
Anyone with experience of any of these FX dealers, or others I may not have found, please add a comment.

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FredDestin said...

useful. also best of breed and FSA regulated in the UK is HiFX

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