Friday, 23 March 2007

Excellent Personal Financial Planning Primer

The Financial Webring is already bookmarked on the right hand side of this blog as a discussion forum but I've discovered it also has a fine brief primer on personal financial planning. The advice is direct, understandable and sensible. It covers all the main areas one needs to be concerned with, namely:

  • Day to day finances (budgeting, expense control, mortgages, other debt, emergency funds, etc.)
  • Insurance (life, health, disability, property)
  • Taxes (exemptions, deferrals, income splitting)
  • Investments (asset allocation, security selection, risk management)
  • Retirement (pensions, RRSPs, RRIFs, annuities, etc.)
  • Estate (wills, powers of attorney, use of trusts, planned giving, etc.)
There are very useful links to further reading. Like everyone, there are areas in which I am fairly knowledgeable and others where I can use some improvement so the page is a good launching point for further investigation into those weak areas.

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