Monday 26 February 2007

Online Sources - Mortgage, Annuity, Retirement

Just discovered a couple of interesting websites that may useful to others:
- in reality oriented to institutions and professionals but it has some free, constantly updated tables for mortgages, annuities, bank deposit accounts, RRIFs, GICs
- the Individual Finance and Decisions Center supports research into quantitative wealth and risk management for individuals, especially retirement topics, annuities and the like; much of the material is technical/mathematical but it has reprints from general press articles based on the research; one paper titled Can Buckets Bail-Out a Poor Sequence of Investment Returns? under the Personal Finance Articles compares the results for a retiree whose portfolio is invested in a balanced fund vs another who holds a combination of cash and equities, but they use different withdrawal strategies.
- the Society of Actuaries website has a free downloadable software package at

that allows you to estimate whether you will run out money in retirement using various assumptions about age of death, interest rates, investment in annuities vs stocks, bonds

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rutsok said...

Thank you for posting your findings. I'm a novice at finances but I'm scouring sites like yours looking for wisdom from people in the field. Keep up the good work!

Sandra (Kingston,ON)

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