Friday 18 March 2011

Map of Inflation around the World

The Globe and Mail recently published a neat map of inflation in major world economies. Though Canada and the USA still have relatively benign inflation, it is not so elsewhere. When our currency stops appreciating (see RatesFX 1-year chart for CAD), can we be far behind?


Anonymous said...

Russsia, China, India, Brazil, Argentina always had elevated level of inflation.. using them to show that "Inflation is heating up" is highly misleading at best.

In OECD countries, the really big story is not how inflation is heating up, it is is how inflation is amazingly tame in the face of skyrocketing commodity prices.

As long as unemployment rate is high, wage increases are low, the only thing we have to fear is the fear of inflation itself.


CanadianInvestor said...

Anon, I really hope you are right!

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