Tuesday, 22 December 2009

CPPIB Makes a Good Buy in Scotland

It's nice to know that the next time I go shopping at what is the nicest mall in Scotland, I will be helping out my own future CPP pension, after the announcement today of CPPIB's purchase with a British partner of Silverburn mall on the edges of Glasgow. I wonder if I can get a discount based on my 0.000006% (1 out 17 million CPP contributors) ownership share. The investment looks like a good buy to me. Silverburn has the neatest indoor parking, using an innovative guide that I wish other malls would emulate. On the ceiling above each parking space, there is a red (occupied) or green (empty) automatic detector. It is easy to spot empty spaces a good distance away and makes finding a space a skoosh, as they say in Scotland. All Silverburn needs now is a Roots store, which I daresay would do very well as all the Scots I know love their stuff, and a Tim Hortons.

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