Tuesday 13 January 2009

Why a Bureaucratic Bunfight on Securities Regulation Matters

I've previously expressed my support for having a single national securities regulator in Canada so I'm glad that the just-released Hockin report also supports this long-overdue idea.

Why should individual investors care about a matter that might seem only to be a power struggle between the federal government and the provinces, especially Alberta and Québec?

Gail Bebee, author of No Hype Investing, has an even better answer than I could come up with, so here it is, with her permission.


Promising proposals could deliver a fairer system for small investors

Toronto, January 13 – Help may be at hand for Canadian investors long served poorly by a mishmash of provincial securities regulations, if the government acts on a new report from The Expert Panel on Securities Regulation in Canada. Independent investor and personal finance author Gail P. Bebee believes that the report’s recommendations, which include a national securities regulator, investor panel and investor compensation fund could benefit small investors in several ways:

· Increase the choice of investing products, especially in smaller provinces

· Improve the process for handling complaints about financial products and services

· Provide better compensation to victims of financial industry misconduct

· Improve government oversight and enforcement and reduce financial industry fraud

· Give investors a voice in regulatory policy making

· Facilitate more timely government policy decisions on securities industry issues.

· Lower industry administrative costs which will hopefully be passed on to retail investors.

Bebee offers a word of caution: “I am hopeful that Minister Flaherty’s commitment to changing the securities regulatory system will prevail. However, a national securities regulator has been under consideration for years without action. This report could end up on the heap of great ideas that were never adopted.”

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