Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Five Personal Finance and Investing Books for Christmas

Wondering what to buy for Christmas for someone who is, or should be, interested in personal finances and investing? Here are some choices I've enjoyed reading and highly recommend.

  1. No Hype: the Straight Goods on Investing Your Money by Gail Bebee - the place to start if all you know is GICs or mutual funds; explains all types of investments and accounts with a practical, readable style
  2. The New Investment Frontier III by Howard J. Atkinson with Donna Green - the ins and outs of the increasingly popular exchange traded funds for Canadians
  3. All About Asset Allocation by Richard A. Ferri - how asset classes like stocks, bonds and real estate can be put together to produce more stable and higher return investment portfolios
  4. Insurance Logic by Moshe Milevsky - leads one through the issues to decide how, why and when to use insurance effectively, whether it is to protect property, life, health, automobiles, travel, or to minimize taxes
  5. What Kind of Investor Are You? by Richard Deaves - helps you decide whether to stick with an advisor or strike out as a DIY investor and if the latter, how to do it successfully, by looking at principles and pitfalls in psychology, diversification and risk tolerance, market returns along with products like mutual funds and index funds

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