Monday 8 September 2008

Voting for Canadians Abroad

Now that a federal election has just been called, the way to get your money's worth for all those taxes you are paying is to vote. Even if you are out of the country on the date of the election to take place on October 14th, there is a fairly simple way to register and vote by mail (snail mail only, not email alas) by going to this Elections Canada webpage. You need to mail in or fax photocopies of document(s) with proof of identity and a street address (a p.o. box won't do) - e.g. a driver's licence suffices for both.

Since there needs to be time allowed to send in the documents, receive the ballot back by mail, then mail it in before Oct.14th, it needs to be done soon.

Perhaps Elections Canada could consider ways to do this electronically in future. If you can pay your taxes electronically, why not voting?

Update Sept. 23 - Received my ballot today and sent it back to Canada with my vote. That's reasonable response time by Elections Canada considering the mail delay. It should get there in time.

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