Sunday 13 July 2008

Speculate on Federal Party Election Prospects

For those who are passionate about politics and are willing to put their money where their mind is, you can put money down on the Conservatives or the Liberals to win the next federal election at the Intrade Prediction Market. Looks like you stand to make a lot more on the Liberals - right now their chances appear to be only 40% while the Conservatives are up around 60%. It's interesting that the Conservative chances have risen with bumps along the way by about 10% since the bidding started back in December 2006.

Unlike polls, this is the result of real people betting their own money. Prediction markets do quite well in their predictions and they stir up a lot of enjoyable controversy. If you think the market predictions are wrong, go make yourself some money! Too bad they don't reveal "insider trading" on the website. ;-)

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