Monday 5 February 2007

BMO Investorline Lowers Some Trading Fees

It's nice to read that discount BMO Investorline is lowering its equity trading fees to $9.95 per trade for all telephone or online automated trades as of March 31st on both Canadian and US exchanges. See That's a big drop from the existing $25 for market orders. Unfortunately, this applies only to what it calls Gold Star clients who have combined assets with BMO of $500k or more. Canada has for years lagged behind the US in low trading fees so maybe this is the start of a change that will extend to all clients. Anyone know if the other major discount brokers in Canada are following suit?


Anonymous said...

CIBC has a low fee trading package for any investors edge account, big or small. $395 for 50 trades ($7.90/trade) and $6.95/trade (unlimited shares) after the 50 are up. Mostly intended for fairly active traders.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and I also have an article on my blog reviewing popular Canadian discount brokerages in Canada.


CanadianInvestor said...

Thanks for heads-up. Just read through it and left you some comments on your site on other things I'd like to have from brokerages ... but am not holding my breath.

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